Riding at Night

Riding at night has a special quality to it. Not only is it cooler than the scorching heat of the day, it’s also beautiful. Of course you have to be careful not to “outrun your headlight” (meaning don’t go so fast at night), but it’s just fun and a great way to relieve the stress of the day. I prefer riding in town at night over highway riding… just the opposite of daytime riding. People seem to see a well-lit bike at night better than they do in the daytime. You also don’t have to worry about deer running out in front of you in town like you need to be wary of on the highway.
There’s just something about a nice cruise at night, especially when there’s a beautiful moon out. It’s impossible to explain, just as it’s impossible to explain the freedom felt while riding a motorcycle to someone

Vivitar Action Cam Review

I would like to have a Drift, or even a GoPro, but they are so expensive I just can’t justify forking over all that cash for one of them. So I got a Vivitar Full HD 1080 Action Cam for Father’s Day early. It’s a nice little GoPro-like camera that includes a waterproof (more like water resistant) housing, wireless remote that you can wear on your wrist, 2 mounts, and what Vivitar calls a “helmet mount”. That’s where the catch is. The “helmet” mount. Don’t be fooled like I was. I eagerly opened the packaging only to find that the so-called helmet mount is nothing more than a strap with some clamps on it. No way to mount it on a motorcycle helmet, which is exactly what I wanted a camera for in the first place. Evidently Vivitar thinks only bicycle helmets count and only ribbed/vented ones at that. That

Why I’m Leaving the Gun Industry

I don’t sell guns, I just work on them. I own a gunsmith shop. I’ve already begun the process of closing that shop. I’ll also be giving up my FFL (federal firearms license) since I’ll no longer have need of it. There was a time when customers just wanted a custom, hand-made stock or a bolt jeweled, or their gun blued and/or restored. For over a year now, the vast majority of customers have been wanting work done on AR-15s. I already turned those jobs down. I don’t like the AR-15 and could afford to turn those jobs down because a single hand-made stock would cover any loss of income by turning the AR-15s down. But all of it is over now. I’m done with it. With each shooting in America I’ve wanted to get out of the gun industry but I didn’t know what I’d do to still make

Orlando Mass Killing, Legislation Isn’t Enough

How many people have to die before we have meaningful gun legislation? I own guns. I was raised in a hunting family. We didn’t use semi-automatic rifles. I was taught that “if you can’t do it with one shot, don’t do it at all.” I don’t even hunt any more. My point is that AR-15s and similar rifles are not hunting rifles. AR-15s are designed after the M-16, a military rifle designed for one purpose… to kill people. The gun industry and lobby groups have done an amazing job at convincing lawmakers that the assault style rifles are simply “sporting” rifles. They are not. They are assault rifles plain and simple. They are designed to kill as many people as possible. With their ballistics they are extraordinarily effective at doing just that. Throw in the high capacity magazines and you have one hell of a killing weapon.
This latest shooting,

Kawasaki Vulcan S Review

I’m not getting paid or receiving any free gear or any other type of compensation for this review. It’s my honest review of Kawasaki’s Vulcan S 650. I write frankly about both the good and not so good regarding this bike. I’ll start by saying that this is a bike I can see myself keeping and riding for a long, long time. I’ve had this bike for about a year now and as is normally the case, one knows within that first year of owning, maintaining, and riding any bike whether one loves it or can’t wait to trade it in. I can say without reservation that I plan on keeping this one and have no desire to trade it in for something else like I have with other bikes I’ve owned. I won’t be getting into specs because I’m writing for riders, not mechanics (though the two often overlap

Muhammad Ali

Today Muhammad Ali was buried. What a legacy this man left! He was a champion both in and out of the ring. I remember watching him box as well as his interviews. This man had courage. He was willing to face jail for standing up against what he saw as a great injustice. He overcame all the hate thrown his way and stood out as an example of what faith and deep conviction together with a genuine concern for others really looks like. This was a man I admired. You will be missed, Mr. Ali, but your example and legacy lives on.

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Physicist Says He Has Proof of God

A well known and respected theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku, has said he has found evidence that nothing in the universe is a product of chance. Indeed, he says that the universe is run by a set of laws created by an Intelligence… God. You can read more about it by Googling his name or see a very brief introduction to what he says he has found here.
The question now, if he is correct, is which version of God? The Judaism version? How about the Hindu, Christian, or Muslim version? Another question is how on Earth would we know? Those religions I just mentioned are only a few out of the thousands practiced around the globe today. Perhaps he (Kaku) doesn’t have a personal god in mind at all. He could be referring to something like Spinoza’s God.
It’s all very fascinating and I’ll be looking forward to more information about

Road Glare

I know experienced riders will already know this but I was thinking of what to post today that would be helpful to new riders and I remembered an experience I had. It’s riding into the sun, especially at that time of day when the sun is reflecting off the highway. It is blinding and greatly reduces the ability to see obstacles in the road. I was riding home one late afternoon/evening directly into the sun on a highway I wasn’t used to riding. The glare on the road was so bad I couldn’t see anything in the road until I was only feet away from it. That’s a dangerous situation when you’re travelling 70+ mph on two wheels.
I was focusing all my concentration on the highway, trying to watch out for debris, when suddenly there I saw plywood with metal bars on it directly in my path. Visibility was

Motorcycle Riding in Texas

I’ll start this post with full disclosure… I don’t like Texas. I’ve lived my entire life, 50 years so far, in Texas. It’s hot and humid. The people, most of them anyway, are very friendly even if a lot of them can be fanatical about their religious and political views. It’s not so much Texas’ fault that I don’t like it here, it’s the weather and the fact that I prefer mountains. Up until a couple of years ago one could ride in relative comfort (aside from the oppressive heat in the summer) year round. That hasn’t been the case for a couple of years now because it rains and floods insanely often. Last month there were only 11 days without rain and storms. The year before that, in the same month, there were only 10 days free of rain and storms. It wasn’t always like that. It used to

Motorcycle Armor and Safety

There is a saying among motorcycle riders, “ride your own”. It means, among other things, to ride the bike that suits you best. It also means to know and ride within your limits. It can also get into matters such as safety gear. I see everything from no safety gear whatsoever to full body protection. Personally I wear as much protection as possible. I wear a full-faced Snell approved Scorpion helmet with a chin bar, an armored Scorpion riding jacket, Scorpion gauntlet-style gloves with armor over the knuckles and back of the hand, and shoes/boots with reinforced toe protection. There are several reasons for wearing this protection but the main one is because I’ve been down before and a helmet saved my life. I was only traveling at 30 mph when I went down. That might not sound like much but I can tell you it is. Going down can