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Depression and Rage: My Attempt To Describe My Bipolar Disorder


I’ve written before that when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder I wanted a second opinion. I got that second evaluation and opinion and it was the same except worse. They added “with psychotic features” to it. The “psychotic features” doesn’t mean like the movie Psycho. It just means that I’ve had times in the past where I’ve experienced auditory and visual hallucinations. I only remember one visual hallucination and even though I know it was a hallucination, the memory of what I saw seems as real as any of the other things I’ve seen that are real. That’s how powerful a hallucination can be. It occurred during a time of extreme distress in which different prescription drugs were being thrown at me. I think it was the drugs since I’ve not experienced any sort of hallucination since. The label/stigma aside, the two worst things about this disorder in my

More Pics/Wallpaper From My Photographer Son

More free pics for wallpaper or whatever you like from my photographer son. Feel free to take any or all of them. He mostly does outdoors and “perspective” photos but he also is open to reasonable requests regarding anything tasteful, just leave a comment or use the contact form.


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Dominion Theology – Dangerous Christianity

Dominion theology is the thinking that people, corporations, and even the government should be ruled by “biblical Christianity”. It’s not nearly as obscure as Christians who do not subscribe to such ideas would like us to believe. We can see its presence almost daily in some news story or another. We see it all the time within the Republican party and those who support the party. In short, one could accurately say that they want a theocracy. Those who adhere to a dominionist worldview love to rail against and promote fear of “others” or “outsiders” such as can be seen with their incessant fear mongering regarding what they call “creeping Sharia”. This is ironic on multiple levels. One being that anyone with a functioning brain knows that Sharia law will never become the law of the land in America. Another is that while they are frantically railing against a nonexistent

No President Is Gonna Fix This Shit

There’s so much that is so out of control in this country right now that it is just beyond belief. I’m no right wing nutjob and I’m not a bleeding heart liberal either. I couldn’t care less about this or that label, I judge people, including presidential candidates, by both their actions and their words. I’m 50 years old, and I’ve never yet seen a president keep all the promises they made during their campaigns to get to the White House. They’re politicians, one and all, and that means they’re all full of shit. Before someone says, “Donald Trump isn’t a politician”, let me say that he has been rubbing elbows with politicians his entire adult life and is most certainly now a politician, and he’s most definitely full of shit. Building a wall on the border and making Mexico pay for it? Please. And that’s not even scratching the

Hantavirus Fear

I love New Mexico, but this state has had higher numbers of hantavirus infections and deaths than any other in the U.S. My family and I just spent two days raking and moving pine needles and that has me worried since already this year here in New Mexico there have been several hantavirus infections and deaths. Just a couple of weeks ago there was yet another death from hantavirus in a neighboring county. 
While we were raking the pine needles we of course stirred up the dust in and under the piles of needles regardless of how careful we tried to be. I became so nervous about it that I got on the internet and researched the subject. Fortunately sunlight kills the virus, but unfortunately not everywhere we raked was exposed to direct sunlight. In fact, while on the internet, I read of a person who contracted the virus while raking

Muhammad Ali

Today Muhammad Ali was buried. What a legacy this man left! He was a champion both in and out of the ring. I remember watching him box as well as his interviews. This man had courage. He was willing to face jail for standing up against what he saw as a great injustice. He overcame all the hate thrown his way and stood out as an example of what faith and deep conviction together with a genuine concern for others really looks like. This was a man I admired. You will be missed, Mr. Ali, but your example and legacy lives on.

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First Post!

Well, here it is. My first post on this new blog. I call this blog My Vulcan Mind for several reasons, one of them being that I ride a Vulcan Sport or simply Vulcan S. It is the best handling, most fun to ride bike I’ve owned and I’m 50 years old. Another reason for the name is because I like Star Trek. Yet another reason is because it’s sort of a inside joke. I have lived with severe clinical depression off and on almost my entire life. So I admire the Vulcan’s on Star Trek and how they, for the most part, keep their emotions in check. I use Buddhist meditation techniques to help keep the depression at bay or when that is impossible to at least try to keep it from destroying me.

I’ll be writing a lot about motorcycles, particularly the Vulcan S, the road trips I take