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The Clone Snores

Cookie Cutter Boring

We live in a cookie-cutter society, I think that much is obvious to anyone who looks closely. In case it’s not clear, allow me to elaborate a bit. Take a look around you the next time you’re at work or shopping or even watching TV. 99.9% of the behavior, dress, hair style, and everything else is either exactly the same or so similar that it could pass for exact. There are very, very few variations and all too often those variations, especially if they are actually stark differences, are labelled as misfit, crazy, or some other derogatory term. There’s very little that’s new or different. People in offices are made to dress according to company standards, much like the school uniform codes in Japan. People working outdoor jobs are now required by government to wear OSHA approved clothing. The cookie-cutter mentality is even in schools, from very young all the

The Truth May Set You Free, But It Can Break Your Heart Too


I recently learned, in the most painful of ways, to be wary of recording devices such as a helmet camera that have been acting buggy. My helmet cam has for some time been turning on with movement, wasting both battery and space on memory. Other times, when I try to turn it on it won’t turn on. Recently I stopped by to visit some people who were very dear to me. I not only loved them but trusted them… something that does not come easily for me. When I arrived I removed all my riding gear, including the helmet with the camera just mentioned. When I set it down on a piece of furniture the camera evidently turned itself on again. I had even checked it to make sure it wasn’t on and I didn’t see the little blinking light that indicates it is recording. But it was. We talked

Cherish Every Moment (before some asshole ruins them)


Sometimes life just slaps you right in the face and before you can even figure that out it kicks you in the teeth. Because of a doctor’s carelessness and negligence my aunt is on life support. The doctor is in serious trouble with the hospital but even worse trouble when my cousins slap him with a lawsuit filled with multiple complaints. But his life will go on. My aunt on the other hand, well, it’s not looking very promising. Then a few days ago another cousin was rushed to the ER with suspected meningitis. She went into septic shock and actually survived that with the help of some extremely talented and knowledgeable doctors and nurses. She is still in the hospital and doctors are still calling her “septic” but she is showing signs of improvement. Meningitis tests came back negative but the septicemia is/was serious enough by far.
Both of these

Try To Be As Afraid As Possible! It Helps the Government.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Why? Because it spells big money for corporations and easy legislation for government. Thankfully, more and more Americans are wising up and seeing beyond the bullshit. Multiple polling of Americans show that they are now more afraid of their own government than they are of another terrorist attack. Specifically, they are more worried about government overstepping its boundaries, which it does daily anyway. For well over a decade the government has been monitoring and storing domestic electronic communications. Actually far longer than that, but it has become more widely known over the last decade. They do it in the name of “national security” but that’s bullshit.
I was scrolling through my newsfeed today and came across an interesting article regarding the culture of corruption within the Secret Service. A wealthy woman who just also happens to be an attorney used her knowledge of law and

Conversion Attempts Are Annoying

It must be said… the incessant attempts by religious zealots to convert others (i.e. me!) to their religion is not only very annoying but also extremely offensive. I tire of the guilt-trip tactics (Jesus died for you!), the ‘you’re not good enough as a person just as you are because to be good enough as a human being you need to believe like I do’ bullshit. It’s offensive. It’s a waste of my time. It’s a good way to make me want to punch you in the face because that’s exactly what such zealots mean when they try to convert someone, they mean that you aren’t, as a human being, good enough just as you are unless you subscribe to their beliefs.
I grew up being made to feel that I was never good enough. It took me years to overcome that early indoctrination and the negative, harmful emotional turmoil

Let’s Not Be Hypocritical About Terrorism

I do not turn the other cheek as Jesus taught. Nor will I eschew violence as the Buddha taught if someone means harm to my family or myself. I see and hear lots of platitudes tossed around lately regarding politics and terrorists. Lots of people saying, writing, tweeting, and posting on Facebook things like, “Silence is compliance” and “The only thing that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. In almost every instance these are used in the context of railing against one politician or another, or against the so-called “Islamophobia”. “Islamophobia” is one of the most absurd and asinine concepts and words I’ve ever encountered. Phobia means “an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something”, that is the first definition of the word if you type it into Google. I have no fear of Islam or Muslims, nor do I

Pokemon GO – Run For Your Lives!

Pokemon GO has been getting a lot of attention lately. That is really an understatement as it is everywhere, you can see people playing the game, see it on the evening news, read countless stories about it on the Internet (including here obviously). What has really caught my attention is the reaction from several Christian groups and countless Christian individuals calling the game “demonic” and “a gateway for evil”. How do these people come up with such nonsense? I simply don’t understand it. It’s a game for crying out loud! Not only that, but there is also the fact that the game has done more to get people off their butts in the short time it has been available than anything else in the last decade or more. I personally don’t play the game, but several people I know do (that’s where I obtained the screenshots below).
Back to the “demonic”

A Few Reasons Why Texas Sucks

Texas sucks. OK, so perhaps I should elaborate on that statement. Texas sucks because of its oppressive heat and humidity, its backward, almost Taliban politics, and because even though it is a massively huge state there’s really nothing to it. Depending on where one is in Texas it can take all day just to drive out of the state. The saying that everything is bigger in Texas is true, but not in the positive manner in which Texans use the phrase. Egos, backwardness, a very misguided and irrational pride in the state, vehicles, and insanely long stretches of highway are all definitely bigger in Texas. When driving through West Texas one can quite literally drive for hours and see nothing but dirt, road kill, and a few shrubs along with a few places that are about 10 to 15 houses with a dilapidated post office and one trashy convenience store