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Son of Odin


I haven’t been posting as much as I should lately. One only has to read over the last few posts to understand, at least somewhat, what has been going on in my life. Anyway, I’ve decided to post about something I have a passion for and have been doing for over a decade now. Genealogy. I’m fascinated with family history. Especially the lines I can trace very, very far back into the distant past. My oldest son just recently received his results from one of those companies that does DNA heritage testing. Very interesting results. Some I didn’t expect and others that didn’t surprise me at all since they matched up well with what I had already found during my own research. But he got both his mom’s and my DNA, so I’d like to do one of those tests for myself but I don’t want to pay the money

Religion, U.F.Os, and a Cheeto


Earlier today I read an interesting blog post regarding whether or not “paganism” is dying. My initial thought was, “who cares?”. If people decide they can no longer reconcile adopted beliefs with the mundane and objective reality of day to day life then they are freed in my opinion. I feel the same about any other religious belief. If an individual abandons beliefs that no longer serve them, and in some cases become detrimental, then more power to them I say. I admit I have become extremely jaded when it comes to any sort of religious claims. As I’ve written many, many times I simply have not seen or read anything that is in any way convincing to me that they are anything more than the subjective experiences or thoughts regarding things supernatural. The fact that I’ve never seen or read anything convincing to my mind perturbs me… it makes

Pagan Fundamentalism

Pagan Fundamentalism

Regardless of religion, worldview, or geography all people share some common traits. Things like loving and caring for our children, desiring happiness and health over misery and illness and so on and so on. I pick on Christianity and its adherents a lot in my books as you can see here and here… it’s what I do. But Christianity certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on self-righteousness, dogmatism, ‘they are wrong, we are right’ attitudes and other such unpleasantries. Those same unpleasantries, the same fundamentalism, are alive and well in the Pagan communities as well and they are just as off-putting and ugly as they are within the Christian crowds. In fact, in some cases the only difference between the way those with a fundamentalist, or elitist, attitude and the Christians they love to deride is the theology because the attitudes of both parties are the same.
I’m not singling out one