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Desperate Measures

New Mexico

“Desperate times call for desperate measures” or “drastic times call for drastic” measures… I prefer a slight rearrangement of words in these idioms. Desperate times call for drastic measures. For me that is more precise. There comes a time, I would imagine, in everyone’s life when drastic measures are required. The more desperate the situation, the more drastic the measure(s) may need to be to remedy the situation. I cannot speak for everyone, I can only relate my own situation and so this is something of a disclaimer. Everyone knows I’m not a doctor or a shrink, I’m just someone who has dealt with decades of poorly controlled bipolar disorder, depression, rage and anxiety. So, I have a good grasp of what has not worked for me. I’m not claiming that what hasn’t worked for me is universally ineffective, so any litigation-happy pharmaceutical companies can go fuck themselves.
What I’ve noticed

I Really Need To Get Out Of Texas For Good!

Texas sucks

I’m 51 years old and I’ve been noticing a dramatic change in my thinking of late. I have become obsessed with how I want to spend the rest of my life, I find regret haunting me relentlessly, and my priorities have definitely changed. I don’t think it’s a midlife crisis for two reasons… the first being it’s a little late for that and the second being that I don’t find myself wanting to buy a fancy new car or wishing for a younger woman. I simply want to make some changes in my life that will make me a happier and better person. Finding a way back to New Mexico and staying there is my priority. As for the regret that has been relentlessly haunting me, well, there’s nothing to be done about that. On the minuscule and incredibly remote chance that the person involved in that particular regret ever

Bipolar Disorder, Texas, and New Mexico


Being in New Mexico is healing for me, and healing is something I need. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder for the second time recently (I wanted a second opinion). As I type this out I’m not in a good place. To make matters worse in a most literal sense, I’ve had to come back to Texas. Texas always makes things worse for me. The confrontational/adversarial attitude of Texas cops, the oppressive heat and humidity, tornadoes, hail larger than your open hand… the list is almost endless. So why do I keep coming back to a place such as Texas? Family. ALL of my family reside in Texas. The reason they stay in such a place is beyond my comprehension but they do.
I don’t know if it’s my shrink or the drugs I’ve been put on but I just can’t seem to get any help when I’m like this. I

Rain, Motorcycles, and Misery

I hate rain

I hate rain. I really do. It’s a learned hatred because I used to love it when I built power lines because it meant a day off. But now that I travel around on a motorcycle I’ve come to absolutely despise rain. I have rain gear but I’ve not found a way yet to actually stay truly dry in a downpour while riding at 70 to 75 miles per hour (actually I slow down quite a bit in heavy rain).
Rain For Days On End
This time of year and the area I’m in it rains… All. The. Time. I’m still heading West. That’s the only place where the forecast isn’t calling for rain for days on end. Around Alamogordo and Tularosa, both of which are not far from the Branson, Missouri of New Mexico known as Ruidoso. Their “rainy season” isn’t until the summer months but even then it doesn’t

Ruidoso Is Beautiful But…

Ruidoso, New Mexico is truly an amazing place. Beautiful scenery everywhere and an almost perfect climate year-round (you actually get to experience all four seasons). If you are an outdoors type person, Ruidoso and the surrounding area is a paradise for you! There are plenty of trails to hike, all of them set right in the beautiful scenery I just mentioned above. Most of the people you meet are friendly which is something that unfortunately can’t be said of many other places I’ve been.
I could go on and on about the great things about Ruidoso and make this post seem like a paid advertisement attempting to draw more visitors to revel in its beauty. But I won’t. Instead I’ll point out that, as much as I love the place, prices for almost everything imaginable are insanely inflated. Everything from real estate to a gallon of milk is expensive in

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, NM is a wonderful city. I absolutely love it. There is something about Santa Fe that simply cannot be fully expressed in words, one has to experience the city to understand what I mean. The air is clean, the country breathtaking, and the city itself is beautiful. The Plaza is one of my favorite places. Sunsets are absolutely magical in Santa Fe. The city is the oldest state capital in the U.S. The history of the city is also fascinating. It was founded in 1610 by Spanish colonists, making it the oldest city in New Mexico.
From the finest cuisine to the amazing arts and everything in between there is something for everyone. I often hear from others who also visit the city that, while beautiful and fascinating culture and history, it is extremely expensive. Unfortunately they are, for the most part, correct. It really depends on your

Sometimes Leaving Is A Must

Sometimes in life one reaches a point where it becomes absolutely necessary to move away and start all over again. Some people are lucky enough that they never reach this point, while others are not so fortunate. I find myself at that point right now, this very instant while I type this. I’ve known it was coming for some time and have even been advised by people I trust to take the leap and start afresh in recent years, but I always felt I could tough it out and that things would get better somehow. Well, things haven’t gotten better and today it couldn’t have been made any clearer to me that I must move on. The problem is that I don’t know how.
I know where I want to go, so that is at least one step I suppose. Getting there and finding a way to support myself and finding


Continuing on with the theme/subject of life in New Mexico, I can’t help but mention a place that vies for my all-time favorite town in the entire state of New Mexico. Tularosa! I absolutely love Tularosa. It is a very small town and as one person put it so well, nobody bothers anyone in Tularosa. Everyone just minds their own business. This is very atypical of small towns. Every other small town I’ve ever gotten to know has one annoying thing in common, that being that everyone knows everyone else’s business (or at least thinks they do) and gossip is rampant. Not so with Tularosa.
There isn’t much in the way of opportunities (read jobs) in Tularosa. You can work for the hospital, the phone or satellite company or maybe as a store clerk but that’s about it. From what I hear there is a very rich oil tycoon from

Miles From Nowhere

New Mexico

In certain areas of New Mexico there are vast stretches of highways and roads that go on for hours with either nothing or next to nothing in the way of towns between destinations. Santa Fe to Ruidoso is one such stretch regardless of which route you take. It can be worrisome being out there so far. Of course there are scattered places that have a few houses and maybe a post office. Even those places are few and far between and so small that it seems one could stand on one side of “town” and spit clear across to the other side.
There is beautiful country to be seen out on these vast stretches, but one can’t help but wonder what could be done if something like a medical emergency arose. I suppose one would be, as they say, shit out of luck. Cell service is nonexistent in many places on

New Mexico Life Series

Santa Fe, NM is indeed “The City Different”. It is an amazing place full of amazing food, sights, history, and people. I love the place! There is something magical about the place. The weather is great, the air clear, and (almost) everyone you meet is friendly. There are, just like other places, some real shitbird assholes, but I guess that’s to be expected. You can’t have a perfect city anywhere on Earth. This place comes very close to perfect though.
I’ll be posting a series, complete with videos, about New Mexico and it’s incredible beauty. I’ll won’t just flower things up. I’ve got footage of things beautiful and not so beautiful. I’ll be doing this to help others who may be considering coming out here so they can see what it’s like. Personally, I love it here. Hopefully the coming videos and posts will be of help to others. It’s an