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The Truth May Set You Free, But It Can Break Your Heart Too


I recently learned, in the most painful of ways, to be wary of recording devices such as a helmet camera that have been acting buggy. My helmet cam has for some time been turning on with movement, wasting both battery and space on memory. Other times, when I try to turn it on it won’t turn on. Recently I stopped by to visit some people who were very dear to me. I not only loved them but trusted them… something that does not come easily for me. When I arrived I removed all my riding gear, including the helmet with the camera just mentioned. When I set it down on a piece of furniture the camera evidently turned itself on again. I had even checked it to make sure it wasn’t on and I didn’t see the little blinking light that indicates it is recording. But it was. We talked

Pics, Storms, And My 100th Post

Another round of storms is in the forecast for tonight and the following 72 hours so I thought I’d drop in to a Starbucks, grab my favorite green tea, cool off before getting as far as I can before I have to take shelter from the coming storms. I wanted to share some of the pics I’ve taken along the way. If you like rural areas and flowers, you should like these. There are some pretty places but I’m still yearning for the mountains and if the storms will ever let me ride for more than a few hours at a time I’ll eventually get there. Then I can show you some truly amazing scenery. Oh, and this makes my 100th post on this blog!
Here is one of my favorite types of wildflower. I’ve always heard it called an Indian Paintbrush. They sometimes grow alongside or near Bluebonnets. I saw

Rain, Motorcycles, and Misery

I hate rain

I hate rain. I really do. It’s a learned hatred because I used to love it when I built power lines because it meant a day off. But now that I travel around on a motorcycle I’ve come to absolutely despise rain. I have rain gear but I’ve not found a way yet to actually stay truly dry in a downpour while riding at 70 to 75 miles per hour (actually I slow down quite a bit in heavy rain).
Rain For Days On End
This time of year and the area I’m in it rains… All. The. Time. I’m still heading West. That’s the only place where the forecast isn’t calling for rain for days on end. Around Alamogordo and Tularosa, both of which are not far from the Branson, Missouri of New Mexico known as Ruidoso. Their “rainy season” isn’t until the summer months but even then it doesn’t

Riding Off Into A New Life

I just wrote about the American Dream being a lie and listed a number of things that I see as proof of this. But now I’ve just really had enough of the bullsh*t. I’m in the process of gathering only the belongings I need (instead of just want) and prepping my bike to just take off. Yep, I’m talking about just taking off and going wherever the hell I want to. When I get there I’ll know. When I get tired of that place I’ll leave. No more contracts for me. No more chasing after things. I’m all about freedom and experiences now. I’ve tried the whole American Dream thing and I’ve found that not only is it a huge lie, but it’s shallow… empty. It’s left me angry (as you can probably tell by some of the rants I’ve posted). I’m tired of being angry. It’s toxic. I already

Two Close Calls In 90 Seconds!

Talk about a seriously bad day! I’ve had close calls before but never twice within the span of 60 to 90 seconds. In my state, everyone has to take a motorcycle course to be licensed to ride a motorcycle here, even if you already have a motorcycle license from another state. It’s mostly a money scam but they leave you with no choice. Take the course or don’t ride. Personally I think every car/SUV/truck driver should have to take a course on how to watch out for people on motorcycles.
Yesterday I was coming into my hometown from another town and within a span of a minute to a minute and a half, I was almost hit by two different vehicles. I mean a matter of inches, not feet. It really pissed me off! If these people would just pay attention to what is going on around them this sort

Day Trip on my Kawasaki Vulcan S

loneliness, nomadic lifestyle

I had the opportunity to take a day trip on my Vulcan S Saturday and I took it. I prefer long trips but I’ll ride no matter what, whether it’s just to the grocery store or to check out the scenery of another state. Saturday’s ride was a nice compromise. Lots of miles, lots of sun, and lots of fun. It was near perfect riding weather and even got in a nice decreasing radius turn or two getting on or off major highways. Traffic was heavy but that’s to be expected on such a beautiful Saturday.
What I was reminded of yet again is how much fun the Kawasaki Vulcan S is to ride. I’ve had this bike almost two years now and it’s still the best bike I’ve ever owned and by far the most fun. It’s also comfortable. I spent a lot of time in the saddle and by

THE Best Motorcycle Wind Trick Ever!

Wind can be a real pain in the ass on a motorcycle, but it’s just one of those things you accept when you ride. Especially so when a motorcycle is your only means of transportation like in my case. I choose this. I could, I suppose, get a car like most other people but that’s just not for me. I wrote a post a while back about wind and a cool trick to deal with it but until yesterday I’d never dealt with the kind of winds that were blowing that bad. There’s wind that keeps you in a perpetual lean and is definitely a pain in the ass, but yesterday the winds were so high, and gusts even higher, that it was a struggle not to literally be blown off the highway or into other traffic. I was so focused on staying on the road and so amazed at

Texas, Mud, and Bikes

One of the most annoying things about Texas is that it rains all the time. That wasn’t always the case. I can remember when it was actually a fairly dry place. Now, however, it is rare to go 7 consecutive days without rain and storms. When where you have to stay in Texas is one of the lowest places (literally a massive hole or depression) then all the rain from everywhere else also drains into it and it stays perpetually wet and muddy.
That’s not fun on a motorcycle. The pics below will show what kind of shit you have to deal with every time you need to go somewhere. It takes a while to clean out all that stuff. It gets so thick that you can hear the front tire forcing its way through all the gunk trapped between it and the fender. This is yet another reason I can’t

Stress Really Does Make You Sick (it kicked my ass for a while)

Lesson learned. Don’t allow stress to overwhelm you. After almost three weeks of not knowing what was going on with me, feeling unwell, feeling tired and weak, unable to sleep well (or at all some nights), appetite changes, palpitations and so on I’m now finally feeling better and have an understanding of what had happened to me. I was completely overwhelmed by stress to the point that it was making me physically ill. I even went for a ride today after almost three weeks out of the saddle. It was amazing and reminded me of all the reasons I ride a motorcycle and don’t even own a car.
I am fortunate in that I am able to work from home, but even with that I wasn’t able to get much done. I also managed to write a few posts to this blog, but the whole experience was terrible. A silver lining,

Target Fixation

Target fixation on a motorcycle is a funny (as in weird) thing. It can work against you and cause disaster, just like they teach in every motorcycle course from absolute beginner to advanced, but it also works for you. Take a decreasing radius turn for example. Everyone knows you have to “look where you want to go”… well, that’s just another form of target fixation. While in a decreasing radius turn, you have to look at your “target”, where you want to come out of the corner. That’s why when you see riders in a lean through a decreasing radius turn their heads are looking either right or left depending on which way we are going, not straight ahead. You can see it in the pic, the screenshot of a video from my helmet cam in the pic with this post. It’s a wide angle camera so it shows almost