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Mental Discipline And Physical Fitness Are Good, The Federal Government Is Bad

fuck the government

—- I wanted to write about two completely different topics but couldn’t decide which to write about so I chose to write about both. So this is sort of a double post, two topics. —-
It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything but if anyone is still reading I haven’t been idle. I’ve been learning a lot and trying to improve my life. I’m frequently astounded by the power of the mind. I’m also fascinated by the mind-body connection, for example, how assuming certain postures effects your mind/mental state. I’m not talking about yoga postures… just simple adjustments to the way you are holding your body. Like when feeling down or nervous people tend to hunch over. I’ve read this is an unconscious physical response to protect the heart, lungs and so on. But by keeping this posture one only perpetuates the problem causing it. If one changes posture,

Desperate Measures

New Mexico

“Desperate times call for desperate measures” or “drastic times call for drastic” measures… I prefer a slight rearrangement of words in these idioms. Desperate times call for drastic measures. For me that is more precise. There comes a time, I would imagine, in everyone’s life when drastic measures are required. The more desperate the situation, the more drastic the measure(s) may need to be to remedy the situation. I cannot speak for everyone, I can only relate my own situation and so this is something of a disclaimer. Everyone knows I’m not a doctor or a shrink, I’m just someone who has dealt with decades of poorly controlled bipolar disorder, depression, rage and anxiety. So, I have a good grasp of what has not worked for me. I’m not claiming that what hasn’t worked for me is universally ineffective, so any litigation-happy pharmaceutical companies can go fuck themselves.
What I’ve noticed

Bipolar Disorder, Texas, and New Mexico


Being in New Mexico is healing for me, and healing is something I need. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder for the second time recently (I wanted a second opinion). As I type this out I’m not in a good place. To make matters worse in a most literal sense, I’ve had to come back to Texas. Texas always makes things worse for me. The confrontational/adversarial attitude of Texas cops, the oppressive heat and humidity, tornadoes, hail larger than your open hand… the list is almost endless. So why do I keep coming back to a place such as Texas? Family. ALL of my family reside in Texas. The reason they stay in such a place is beyond my comprehension but they do.
I don’t know if it’s my shrink or the drugs I’ve been put on but I just can’t seem to get any help when I’m like this. I

Pics, Storms, And My 100th Post

Another round of storms is in the forecast for tonight and the following 72 hours so I thought I’d drop in to a Starbucks, grab my favorite green tea, cool off before getting as far as I can before I have to take shelter from the coming storms. I wanted to share some of the pics I’ve taken along the way. If you like rural areas and flowers, you should like these. There are some pretty places but I’m still yearning for the mountains and if the storms will ever let me ride for more than a few hours at a time I’ll eventually get there. Then I can show you some truly amazing scenery. Oh, and this makes my 100th post on this blog!
Here is one of my favorite types of wildflower. I’ve always heard it called an Indian Paintbrush. They sometimes grow alongside or near Bluebonnets. I saw

Riding Off Into A New Life

I just wrote about the American Dream being a lie and listed a number of things that I see as proof of this. But now I’ve just really had enough of the bullsh*t. I’m in the process of gathering only the belongings I need (instead of just want) and prepping my bike to just take off. Yep, I’m talking about just taking off and going wherever the hell I want to. When I get there I’ll know. When I get tired of that place I’ll leave. No more contracts for me. No more chasing after things. I’m all about freedom and experiences now. I’ve tried the whole American Dream thing and I’ve found that not only is it a huge lie, but it’s shallow… empty. It’s left me angry (as you can probably tell by some of the rants I’ve posted). I’m tired of being angry. It’s toxic. I already

The American Dream is a Lie

It’s more than clear that the so-called “American Dream” is a lie. That has been clear for decades now and I’ll elaborate on that in this post. But here’s something a lot of people don’t seem to know… the American Dream has never been real. Take a trip around the United States, seeing what you’ll never see on the nightly news, particularly Reservations where Native Americans still live in abject poverty, a people “conquered” in their own country. Then there are the “ghettos”, “slums”, and “barrios” where America keeps and contains the poor and downtrodden. Then there is the horrendous conditions of the people living so far below the poverty line that they don’t even register on it in Appalachia mountains, certain places in Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee. In short, the poor and downtrodden are all over the United States. Starvation, preventable diseases, and hopelessness are right here, right in

The United States Government Is Corrupt Beyond Belief

The title of this blog post most probably is no news to anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock. I’ve always known the government was and is corrupt, but as more information becomes available the sheer depth and reach of the corruption is even more mind boggling. In fact, this post could end up being an entire book but I will spare you such a lengthy entry and provide very brief overviews and then provide links to the original sources for you to read and verify what I’ve said at your leisure.
I’ve already written about the problems regarding the way our government is handling student loans, such as forcing people, even senior citizens, into abject poverty… using draconian methods of collection that directly lead to suicides and not even abiding by their own rules regarding debt collection. There is the whole fiasco about how they promised countless people their

Government, Thugs, Taxes, and Domestic Terrorists

You may be wondering what the things in the title of this post could possibly have in common, or perhaps you knew right away. Remember the old “taxation without representation”? Well, this is about that, or rather, the modern version of it. We are taxed everywhere. Taxed at the grocery store for every single item purchased. Taxed at the gas station. Taxed by the County, taxed by your state, and taxed by the federal government. The purpose of all this insane and out of control taxing, supposedly, is to provide us protection in return for our hard earned money. Protection, decent roads, decent and safe schools and so on. Yet we receive NONE of this in return! Taxation is people in power extorting those who are not these days. Our roads and infrastructure are in terrible conditions. Our schools are not safe. City police officers often have “To Protect and

A Rare Moment Of Clarity

Ever had one of those really profound “Aha!” moments? A moment of such clarity that it simply smashes through all the mundane and exact duplicate days before it? I recently had such a moment. It was so many things simultaneously… shock, anger, surprise, and a completely new determination and strength of will. The shock was from suddenly seeing so clearly why I am where I am right now. All the decisions based completely and utterly on trying to please other people. Every decision, all of them, based on only the desire to keep the peace and not mess with the status quo. The anger came from that realization. That the reason I’ve been through all the shit I’ve been through is because for all these years I didn’t have the balls to actually do what is necessary to actually improve my life because that would mean destroying the status quo,

Student Loans Are Destroying Lives At An Alarming Rate

The U.S. government is, as of right now, in debt exceeding 19 trillion dollars and rapidly headed toward 20 trillion. This is obviously important on many levels, but the particular level I refer to in this post is hypocrisy. The U.S. government has so much debt that it is literally incomprehensible and that debt rises, quite literally, every minute of every day. What are the odds of our government actually paying off this debt? Absolute zero. This is important to keep in mind because I am going to be writing about how the U.S. government treats those who are in debt to them. I won’t go into how they treat other countries that owe them money and the things you probably really don’t want to know about because they are so horrible. I will, however, be talking about how the government treats those with student loan debts. Fedloan, a loan