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Religion, U.F.Os, and a Cheeto


Earlier today I read an interesting blog post regarding whether or not “paganism” is dying. My initial thought was, “who cares?”. If people decide they can no longer reconcile adopted beliefs with the mundane and objective reality of day to day life then they are freed in my opinion. I feel the same about any other religious belief. If an individual abandons beliefs that no longer serve them, and in some cases become detrimental, then more power to them I say. I admit I have become extremely jaded when it comes to any sort of religious claims. As I’ve written many, many times I simply have not seen or read anything that is in any way convincing to me that they are anything more than the subjective experiences or thoughts regarding things supernatural. The fact that I’ve never seen or read anything convincing to my mind perturbs me… it makes

Does The American Strike In Syria Really Mean Anything?

So now we’ve bombed an airfield in Syria. Now what? Did it accomplish anything at all? I think the answers to the two questions are “nothing” and “no”, respectively. It seems clear that we told the Russians we were about to send some missiles to that airfield so they could clear out. Of course the Russians told the Syrians in turn. Perhaps it was another one of those “show of force” type things? Meh, I doubt anyone over there is impressed. I think pretty much everyone knows it was a meaningless strike. Just something to make people (Americans) think we’re actually doing something about psychopaths murdering innocent people.
It Doesn’t Make Sense
If America really wanted to make it clear that gassing innocent people is completely unacceptable and won’t be tolerated, it could. It (America) could unleash raging hell upon Syria. But it won’t. The Donald doesn’t want to anger

The American Dream is a Lie

It’s more than clear that the so-called “American Dream” is a lie. That has been clear for decades now and I’ll elaborate on that in this post. But here’s something a lot of people don’t seem to know… the American Dream has never been real. Take a trip around the United States, seeing what you’ll never see on the nightly news, particularly Reservations where Native Americans still live in abject poverty, a people “conquered” in their own country. Then there are the “ghettos”, “slums”, and “barrios” where America keeps and contains the poor and downtrodden. Then there is the horrendous conditions of the people living so far below the poverty line that they don’t even register on it in Appalachia mountains, certain places in Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee. In short, the poor and downtrodden are all over the United States. Starvation, preventable diseases, and hopelessness are right here, right in

Blatant Media Bias in the 2016 Election

I’m 50 years old, I’ve seen a lot of election years and all the mudslinging and smears that goes hand in hand with them. However, I must say that I have never seen such obvious bias in all forms of media as I have this election year. I am truly astonished. Regardless of anyone’s personal feelings regarding Donald Trump I don’t think anyone who is honest could say with a straight face that there hasn’t been an all out and sustained attack on him by every form of media imaginable. When things are learned about him that are, shall we say, less than favorable they are absolutely hounded upon and immediately go viral. On the other hand when things are learned about Hillary Clinton that are less than favorable (or possibly even criminal) they are brushed over… heard or read once, maybe twice and then they disappear. Things like the

2016 Election, We Are Screwed Either Way

Let me preface this post with a point I can’t emphasize strongly enough, I don’t like either candidate. This is not a post about why one should vote for one candidate over the other. It is simply my observations regarding the media, the so-called Social Justice Warriors, and celebrities and all these groups’ outright bias when exerting their influence. It’s also about my very vivid memories of the first Clinton administration. With all that said, here is the post:
With almost every single news outlet in America, from CNN to the Washington Post, slamming Donald Trump and so painfully obviously worshiping the very ground Hillary Clinton after the debate I can’t help but put my own two cents in. First of all, it should be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that both Clinton and Trump are liars and clowns. The difference, and it is an important one, is that Clinton