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Corrupt Cops and Planting Evidence

cop curruption

I was planning on writing about something else today, but this story came up in my news feed and I have to say a few things about it. The first thing I want to say is that this is no surprise whatsoever… it’s something I’ve already suspected for decades. What I’m referring to here is the cops getting caught by their own body cameras planting “evidence”. How stupid do you have to be to plant evidence or do anything else so incredibly illegal, immoral, cowardly, and dishonorable when you know your actions are being recorded?! I’ve already wrote about some of my own experiences with cops throughout my life so while this doesn’t surprise me it still disgusts me. With all the scrutiny cops are under these days one would expect them to change their behavior but that would be an unrealistic expectation because you can’t change the nature of

The American Dream is a Lie

It’s more than clear that the so-called “American Dream” is a lie. That has been clear for decades now and I’ll elaborate on that in this post. But here’s something a lot of people don’t seem to know… the American Dream has never been real. Take a trip around the United States, seeing what you’ll never see on the nightly news, particularly Reservations where Native Americans still live in abject poverty, a people “conquered” in their own country. Then there are the “ghettos”, “slums”, and “barrios” where America keeps and contains the poor and downtrodden. Then there is the horrendous conditions of the people living so far below the poverty line that they don’t even register on it in Appalachia mountains, certain places in Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee. In short, the poor and downtrodden are all over the United States. Starvation, preventable diseases, and hopelessness are right here, right in

Fedloan Is About To Crush A Man

Fedloan will us its power as a government loan servicer to utterly crush and break you. This is happening to millions of Americans on a daily basis. For those struggling to pay, they offer forbearances or other means of temporarily stopping payments while still adding interest upon interest (I mean that in the literal sense) during the period you aren’t making payments. If you can only afford to pay part  of your monthly payments, they don’t see that as an effort at all, they come after you as if you weren’t paying anything at all marking you as late until you are in default even though you were actually paying what you could. They tell you to apply for income based repayment but you will be in default before they even process the application. By their own admission it “takes months” to process.
Someone I know suffers with severe BPD

The United States Government Is Corrupt Beyond Belief

The title of this blog post most probably is no news to anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock. I’ve always known the government was and is corrupt, but as more information becomes available the sheer depth and reach of the corruption is even more mind boggling. In fact, this post could end up being an entire book but I will spare you such a lengthy entry and provide very brief overviews and then provide links to the original sources for you to read and verify what I’ve said at your leisure.
I’ve already written about the problems regarding the way our government is handling student loans, such as forcing people, even senior citizens, into abject poverty… using draconian methods of collection that directly lead to suicides and not even abiding by their own rules regarding debt collection. There is the whole fiasco about how they promised countless people their

Government, Thugs, Taxes, and Domestic Terrorists

You may be wondering what the things in the title of this post could possibly have in common, or perhaps you knew right away. Remember the old “taxation without representation”? Well, this is about that, or rather, the modern version of it. We are taxed everywhere. Taxed at the grocery store for every single item purchased. Taxed at the gas station. Taxed by the County, taxed by your state, and taxed by the federal government. The purpose of all this insane and out of control taxing, supposedly, is to provide us protection in return for our hard earned money. Protection, decent roads, decent and safe schools and so on. Yet we receive NONE of this in return! Taxation is people in power extorting those who are not these days. Our roads and infrastructure are in terrible conditions. Our schools are not safe. City police officers often have “To Protect and

Blatant Media Bias in the 2016 Election

I’m 50 years old, I’ve seen a lot of election years and all the mudslinging and smears that goes hand in hand with them. However, I must say that I have never seen such obvious bias in all forms of media as I have this election year. I am truly astonished. Regardless of anyone’s personal feelings regarding Donald Trump I don’t think anyone who is honest could say with a straight face that there hasn’t been an all out and sustained attack on him by every form of media imaginable. When things are learned about him that are, shall we say, less than favorable they are absolutely hounded upon and immediately go viral. On the other hand when things are learned about Hillary Clinton that are less than favorable (or possibly even criminal) they are brushed over… heard or read once, maybe twice and then they disappear. Things like the

2016 Election, We Are Screwed Either Way

Let me preface this post with a point I can’t emphasize strongly enough, I don’t like either candidate. This is not a post about why one should vote for one candidate over the other. It is simply my observations regarding the media, the so-called Social Justice Warriors, and celebrities and all these groups’ outright bias when exerting their influence. It’s also about my very vivid memories of the first Clinton administration. With all that said, here is the post:
With almost every single news outlet in America, from CNN to the Washington Post, slamming Donald Trump and so painfully obviously worshiping the very ground Hillary Clinton after the debate I can’t help but put my own two cents in. First of all, it should be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that both Clinton and Trump are liars and clowns. The difference, and it is an important one, is that Clinton

More About Student Loan Debt

I’m not going to stop with this issue regarding how the U.S. government is directly, as a result of their student loan collection policies, causing suicides among its own citizens. The rate of suicides related to student loan debt is skyrocketing and has been for several years. While the U.S. harasses and crushes those who only want to obtain a degree and therefore obtain gainful employment only to find that they cannot obtain that employment because of the terrible job market, other countries provide free access to higher education. Here is a list of some of these countries;

Sri Lanka

That’s a pretty long list and it’s not even complete. Personally, I’d say that puts the U.S. squarely in the Hall of Shame. Particularly when one considers how the U.S. and its contracted loan servicers treats its citizens in debt. On top of this there is the blatant hypocrisy. The U.S. government

Student Loans Are Destroying Lives At An Alarming Rate

The U.S. government is, as of right now, in debt exceeding 19 trillion dollars and rapidly headed toward 20 trillion. This is obviously important on many levels, but the particular level I refer to in this post is hypocrisy. The U.S. government has so much debt that it is literally incomprehensible and that debt rises, quite literally, every minute of every day. What are the odds of our government actually paying off this debt? Absolute zero. This is important to keep in mind because I am going to be writing about how the U.S. government treats those who are in debt to them. I won’t go into how they treat other countries that owe them money and the things you probably really don’t want to know about because they are so horrible. I will, however, be talking about how the government treats those with student loan debts. Fedloan, a loan

Greed in America = Corruption in America

I just watched a thorough documentation regarding how out of control predatory loans and underhanded practices are in America. The actual goal of all these companies is to prey on those who are at a disadvantage financially for whatever reason (loss of job, divorce, it doesn’t matter to these bottom-feeders). They want you to default on the loan. Especially when it comes to automotive loans, those “buy here, pay here” types. Not only do they sell vehicles for up to five times what the automobile is actually worth once you factor in their outrageous interest rates and hidden fees, some of them even place GPS trackers in the vehicle because they know people are going to at some point be a day late on their payments. So they use that GPS to track when the person (and car) is home, midnight is their favorite time, and then come repo the