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Depression and Rage: My Attempt To Describe My Bipolar Disorder


I’ve written before that when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder I wanted a second opinion. I got that second evaluation and opinion and it was the same except worse. They added “with psychotic features” to it. The “psychotic features” doesn’t mean like the movie Psycho. It just means that I’ve had times in the past where I’ve experienced auditory and visual hallucinations. I only remember one visual hallucination and even though I know it was a hallucination, the memory of what I saw seems as real as any of the other things I’ve seen that are real. That’s how powerful a hallucination can be. It occurred during a time of extreme distress in which different prescription drugs were being thrown at me. I think it was the drugs since I’ve not experienced any sort of hallucination since. The label/stigma aside, the two worst things about this disorder in my

Gun Laws vs Knife Laws = Stupidity

42 states allow carrying a concealed gun with a permit, the other 8 do not even require a permit. 30 states allow the open (not concealed) carry of guns in public without a permit, though this generally only applies to long guns (i.e. rifles and shotguns). 15 states allow open carry only with a permit and 5 states do not allow any open carry. This can get confusing because some of these states that allow open carry, such as Texas, allow the open (plain sight) carry of handguns, not just long guns, as long as you have a permit. So basically it boils down to “guns everywhere”. I’ve seen people packing pistols on their hip in plain sight while shopping in Walmart. Yet here’s where things get really stupid… these same states all ban carrying “large” knives. Some don’t want you carrying any sort of knife. Take Texas for example,

The Kukri, The Ultimate Blade

I collect blades. I have since I was a kid. I’ve always been fascinated with bladed weapons, the history of each type, and the cultures surrounding them. I have have katanas, Chinese Oxtail swords/sabers, tanto, Bowie knives, pocket knives of various types. By far the most expensive of these that I have are the hand-forged katanas. I saved money and spread purchasing them out over the years to be able to obtain three of them. One for each son as family heirlooms.
The most recent addition to my collection is a very nice, completely traditional kukri that I received as a gift for Father’s Day from one of my sons. I’ve always wanted one and I’m definitely not disappointed with it! This thing is a chopping, cutting, slashing beast of a blade. The history of the kukri is also fascinating to me. It is still in use today as both