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Road Glare

I know experienced riders will already know this but I was thinking of what to post today that would be helpful to new riders and I remembered an experience I had. It’s riding into the sun, especially at that time of day when the sun is reflecting off the highway. It is blinding and greatly reduces the ability to see obstacles in the road. I was riding home one late afternoon/evening directly into the sun on a highway I wasn’t used to riding. The glare on the road was so bad I couldn’t see anything in the road until I was only feet away from it. That’s a dangerous situation when you’re travelling 70+ mph on two wheels.
I was focusing all my concentration on the highway, trying to watch out for debris, when suddenly there I saw plywood with metal bars on it directly in my path. Visibility was

Motorcycle Riding in Texas

I’ll start this post with full disclosure… I don’t like Texas. I’ve lived my entire life, 50 years so far, in Texas. It’s hot and humid. The people, most of them anyway, are very friendly even if a lot of them can be fanatical about their religious and political views. It’s not so much Texas’ fault that I don’t like it here, it’s the weather and the fact that I prefer mountains. Up until a couple of years ago one could ride in relative comfort (aside from the oppressive heat in the summer) year round. That hasn’t been the case for a couple of years now because it rains and floods insanely often. Last month there were only 11 days without rain and storms. The year before that, in the same month, there were only 10 days free of rain and storms. It wasn’t always like that. It used to

Motorcycle Armor and Safety

There is a saying among motorcycle riders, “ride your own”. It means, among other things, to ride the bike that suits you best. It also means to know and ride within your limits. It can also get into matters such as safety gear. I see everything from no safety gear whatsoever to full body protection. Personally I wear as much protection as possible. I wear a full-faced Snell approved Scorpion helmet with a chin bar, an armored Scorpion riding jacket, Scorpion gauntlet-style gloves with armor over the knuckles and back of the hand, and shoes/boots with reinforced toe protection. There are several reasons for wearing this protection but the main one is because I’ve been down before and a helmet saved my life. I was only traveling at 30 mph when I went down. That might not sound like much but I can tell you it is. Going down can

Believe or Burn?

As I written before, I have a fascination with religion and spirituality. I also explained how I view the two as separate and different. Religion, to my thinking, is a set of rules. A bunch of do’s and don’ts. Spirituality on the other hand is something that transcends any tradition or set of rules. I have so many questions regarding religion, especially the “Big Three”, the Abrahamic faiths Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The first question that always comes to mind is, “why would God write a book?” That question alone brings up even more questions such as why didn’t God write the book instead of having humans write it? If the books are truly meant to be universal, why do they so obviously bear the mark of the cultures and times they were written within? In other words, why are they so dated? If there is a god that created

Grandparent Wisdom

I often wonder if we’ve lost a lot of the wisdom our grandparents and great-grandparents had. I’m 50 now and I can think of several things I’ve seen change in my own lifetime. I remember when microwave ovens came out. I remember when computers were things in science fiction, certainly not in every home and office. My grandparents on my father’s side never owned a vehicle. They didn’t have a phone until I was almost a teenager and even then it was a party line. My dad and his brothers built them an indoor bathroom. All that may seem rather backward to us today but I can tell you that some of the best times in my life were there at my grandparents’ house. My grandmother could cook like no one else I’ve ever known. She made everything from scratch. No packaged mixes. They had and maintained the largest garden

Travel for Health

I read an interesting article about travel and the healing effects of changing your environment. New sights, smells, and places literally fire your brain up. It refreshes you and causes you to be more engaged in each moment and experience. It’s a shift from the normal day to day routine and can even help you solve problems with more ease and also make you sleep better. Maybe this is why I feel so much better when I am in the mountains of New Mexico. Even though my favorite places and towns in New Mexico are not new to me they never fail to make me feel refreshed and experience a renewed zeal for life. Even better, the article said that changing your surroundings can even lower your risk of heart attack by as much as 30%.
So enough with the excuses about not having time to go out and see

Carpe Diem!

We all only get one shot at this life. It amazes me how people, myself included, seem to be completely oblivious to this fact and live their lives as if on autopilot. One day is a carbon copy of the day before and the next days is a copy of today. In the 80s there was a song by a band called Loverboy. The song was called Living For The Weekend. That’s pretty much how everyone I know lives their life. We drudge through the work week and look forward to the weekend. That’s our life. I have known a rare few who had a completely different take on life and lived each moment to the fullest. They always seemed full of energy and an amazing zeal for life. Those people had one thing in common. They had all been through terrible tragedies that changed them forever and woke them

Being Free – Part 2

Fair warning, this is a long post!
In my last post I touched upon some things that are really very important to me. Spirituality, riding my bike, the mountains, and depression. I love all those things except the last one. Depression is a terrible, terrible thing. I’ve lived with major depressive disorder on and off almost all my life and I’ve learned a lot from both it and the treatments I’ve endured, er, tried to help me be free of it. No antidepressant has helped me. Not one. I’ve been on all the popular ones and a couple of the not-so-popular ones at one time or another during all this. They all failed miserably and the side effects ranged from annoying to downright awful. I’m certainly not suggesting anyone stop taking theirs. Certainly not! I’m just saying they didn’t work for me. I question their effectiveness because of that. It seems

Being Free – Part 1

The word “freedom” gets tossed around a lot. You can see it and hear it almost everywhere. For quite some time now the words “being free” have been much more meaningful to me. Being free means being free from the grip of worry, the despair of depression, the effects of the hatred so rampant in the world today, and much more. It is the ability to consciously choose how to react to situations or decide whether a situation even warrants a reaction. The ability to choose instead of being reactionary. The ability to let go of disturbing thoughts or feelings. All this and more is what being free means to me.  
Of course it isn’t as easy as simply saying it or writing it. It takes practice and work. At least for me it takes practice and work. Even with that there are times when I don’t feel free at

First Post!

Well, here it is. My first post on this new blog. I call this blog My Vulcan Mind for several reasons, one of them being that I ride a Vulcan Sport or simply Vulcan S. It is the best handling, most fun to ride bike I’ve owned and I’m 50 years old. Another reason for the name is because I like Star Trek. Yet another reason is because it’s sort of a inside joke. I have lived with severe clinical depression off and on almost my entire life. So I admire the Vulcan’s on Star Trek and how they, for the most part, keep their emotions in check. I use Buddhist meditation techniques to help keep the depression at bay or when that is impossible to at least try to keep it from destroying me.

I’ll be writing a lot about motorcycles, particularly the Vulcan S, the road trips I take