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Acceleration Matters!

I was on my way home this evening behind a driver that was either drunk or high. On a divided highway and she was using both eastbound lanes, weaving back and forth. I kept my speed steady and was watching her closely because she would slow down rapidly and then speed up again. I backed off even further. This went on for a couple of miles before I had had enough of it. I could see traffic coming up behind me in my mirrors. I wasn’t about to become trapped between the traffic coming up behind me and this crazy driver ahead of me. I did a quick head-check to make sure there wasn’t anyone right behind me in the other lane and then switched lanes, still watching the weaving vehicle in front of me. I crept up caddy-corner across from her left bumper, hugging the left side of the

Vegetarian Help?

I have wanted to adopt a vegetarian diet off and on for over a decade. Each time I try I fail. It’s not that I don’t like the food, I do. It’s that it’s so damned expensive! It’s a lot less expensive to eat junk food and animals than it is to eat healthy foods and healthy snacks. I do mean a lot less expensive! My reasons for wanting to eat vegetarian are two… I don’t want to eat animals and I want to get healthier.
I’m aware of the vast amount of books out there claiming to explain how to become a vegetarian, including recipes. Perhaps it’s not the same everywhere, perhaps in other places where there is more vegetarians and therefore more demand for vegetarian foods it’s not so expensive. I don’t know. What I do know is that where I currently reside vegetarian foods are ridiculously expensive.

Fun With Video Effects

I had someone film me as I rode by on the highway and then added a slow motion effect as the ride-by happened. I’m certainly no video expert but it was fun and I’m happy with the results. Everything is stock on the Vulcan S, no modifications.

I know there are people who are much better at video effects than I am, but I don’t think this is too bad for a first time go at it. I’ll definitely be playing around with video editing/effects a lot more now. Thanks for watching!


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Why I Love New Mexico

Mountains! I have loved the mountains my whole life. But that’s not the only reason to love New Mexico. Another thing I love about it is that if you don’t like the weather wherever you happen to be in New Mexico, just drive a few hours in any direction. Sometimes even less than a few hours, far less. For example, if you are in Tularosa and feel it’s too hot, just drive a short way to Ruidoso and notice the drastic difference. It’s that simple. It’s not like Texas where you can drive all day long and not even be out of the state, much less find much temperature difference.
Art! New Mexico is home to many incredible artists and there are many art shows that are simply incredible. There are hand crafted jewelry, paintings, and just about everything you can imagine… all beautiful. My favorites are always the Native American

Science States the Obvious

Anyone who’s ever lived in an area that gets so hot that you can literally cook food on any metal surface, such as is the case with Texas, knows that violent crime soars in the summer. It just doesn’t cool down. Not even at night. At 4 in the morning it can still be 90 degrees or more. During the day the temperature climbs to triple digits and when you factor in the extreme humidity the heat index, how hot it feels, is unbelievable. It’s like trying to breath hot soup instead of air. Even when there is a breeze, it’s a hot wind, not cool and refreshing.
Well, researchers have now stated the obvious. Hot temperatures make people uncomfortable, irritable, and violent. Factor in a place with a climate that doesn’t vary much, like Texas which I just wrote about here, and it gets even worse because there simply isn’t

A Few Reasons Why Texas Sucks

Texas sucks. OK, so perhaps I should elaborate on that statement. Texas sucks because of its oppressive heat and humidity, its backward, almost Taliban politics, and because even though it is a massively huge state there’s really nothing to it. Depending on where one is in Texas it can take all day just to drive out of the state. The saying that everything is bigger in Texas is true, but not in the positive manner in which Texans use the phrase. Egos, backwardness, a very misguided and irrational pride in the state, vehicles, and insanely long stretches of highway are all definitely bigger in Texas. When driving through West Texas one can quite literally drive for hours and see nothing but dirt, road kill, and a few shrubs along with a few places that are about 10 to 15 houses with a dilapidated post office and one trashy convenience store

The Kukri, The Ultimate Blade

I collect blades. I have since I was a kid. I’ve always been fascinated with bladed weapons, the history of each type, and the cultures surrounding them. I have have katanas, Chinese Oxtail swords/sabers, tanto, Bowie knives, pocket knives of various types. By far the most expensive of these that I have are the hand-forged katanas. I saved money and spread purchasing them out over the years to be able to obtain three of them. One for each son as family heirlooms.
The most recent addition to my collection is a very nice, completely traditional kukri that I received as a gift for Father’s Day from one of my sons. I’ve always wanted one and I’m definitely not disappointed with it! This thing is a chopping, cutting, slashing beast of a blade. The history of the kukri is also fascinating to me. It is still in use today as both

Fear Has No Place Here

This is another post on a topic that experienced riders will already know all about but I like to post now and then about things that could be of use to new riders. What made me decide to write this post is two riders I saw, one in town and the other several miles out of town. Two different riding environments, yet the same characteristics in both riders. One thing was clear about both of them… they were terrified. I found myself thinking about both of these riders, “I hope they make it home!” The first, the one in town, was sitting bolt-upright on his bike as stiff as a board. His head never moved and he was travelling well below the speed limit. It was so unmistakably clear that he was afraid that I felt sorry for him. I’m not trying to come across as some elitist asshole, I’m

God, Guns, and Batshit Crazy

Remember the last time an atheist shot up a place, killing scores of people, just to make his/her point that there is no god? Neither do I. It’s because it doesn’t happen. I’m still thinking about the the Orlando mass murder. I still see it in the headlines, new information coming out about how bat-shit crazy the shooter was. All those people murdered by one man armed with the most popular assault rifle in America. Mass shootings have been occurring with disgusting frequency for some time now and only seem to be becoming even more frequent and with higher body counts. I know the AR-15 because I own a gunsmith shop that I am as of this writing shutting down. I’ve already closed the doors and I’m in the process of doing all the tax and legal stuff that it takes to get out of this business.
Although touted as

Happy Father’s Day to My Dad

There’s so much my dad has done for me that there’s really no way I could ever really repay him. He’s the one who taught me about the great outdoors, how to hunt and fish, how to work on and fix my own vehicle(s) and so much more. My dad worked very hard in the blazing hot Texas summers building power lines to provide for us. If you’ve never built power lines in triple digit heat, there’s really no way to convey how hard he worked and how hot it gets. I worked on power line crews in different places and no matter where I went, people either knew my dad or knew of him. I always heard stories of how he was the best lineman they had ever known. I remember being told by people who had worked with my dad that, “if you are even half as good