Son of Odin


I haven’t been posting as much as I should lately. One only has to read over the last few posts to understand, at least somewhat, what has been going on in my life. Anyway, I’ve decided to post about something I have a passion for and have been doing for over a decade now. Genealogy. I’m fascinated with family history. Especially the lines I can trace very, very far back into the distant past. My oldest son just recently received his results from one of those companies that does DNA heritage testing. Very interesting results. Some I didn’t expect and others that didn’t surprise me at all since they matched up well with what I had already found during my own research. But he got both his mom’s and my DNA, so I’d like to do one of those tests for myself but I don’t want to pay the money they are asking for. I could buy a lot more tattoo supplies with that same money!

Son of Odin

Anyway, I already knew that I have very strong ancestral ties to Rollo (the Viking) but now the son I just mentioned has traced a line of my family that I had been having problems tracing. He found information I didn’t have and from there it was a breeze going back in time. He found that in my line there was a king that just also happened to be a Druid and also, going even further back, he found a person who claimed he was a “son of Odin”. A son of the Allfather himself?! Wow!! I’m well aware that many persons in positions of power claimed to be descended from Odin but that’s the first one that I had actually seen that said “son of Odin” in my family tree. I’m not saying he was really a son of Odin, just that it’s cool that he said he was because it gives clues about this man. I’ll post more when I find out more. Here’s hoping everyone is safe, well, and happy (as much as possible anyway). {image credit to whoever the fuck created the image… it was on Google images}


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