Doctors Who Don’t Believe In Mental Illness Are Dangerous

Jesus Freak Doctors

Disastrous Doctor Visit

I went to see my doctor today. My PCP. I learned he doesn’t believe in psychiatry, mental illness, or anything of the sort. He said my problem was not physical, emotional, or mental. He said it is a “spiritual problem”. That everything I have been suffering for decades is simply because I haven’t chosen Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Yep. You read that right. When I pointed out that religious beliefs have nothing to do with mental illness and that Christians suffer mental illness on the same level per capita as non-Christians he replied that those who profess to be Christians but “have problems” such as these are merely “church-goers”, not real Christians. Real Christians, according to him, do not experience such problems because Jesus took upon himself all the problems in the world and overcame them on the cross. Obviously, this man has no business practicing medicine and as of today will no longer be my PCP.

Jesus Freak Doctors

My case is not unique. Especially here in the Bible Belt. Where if it isn’t specifically mentioned in the Bible it doesn’t exist. Where belief in Jesus trumps everything else, including proper and competent health care. Where people like this doctor I just wrote of is, in my opinion, in need of more help than I am because he is more out of touch with the reality of this world because his mind is so muddled and clouded with religious zeal that he cannot properly care for patients like myself. He even went on to say that, actually, this whole thing is my fault. It is my fault because I have “chosen” not to believe in and “accept” Jesus. It is my choice, he said, to accept or not accept Jesus and that if I continued not to accept Jesus then I would continue to experience all the signs and symptoms of a mental illness he claims not to even believe exists. On the other hand, should I decide to simply believe in and accept Jesus then I would be miraculously cured and no longer experience any of the problems I do now. That my life would suddenly and miraculously become “rich and full”.

Stuck and in Danger

I really need to get the hell out of this area. It is more dangerous to my health than any other factor. There is no competent help here, only preaching. One cannot escape the preaching here. I’ve had it. Something has to give, but I’m stuck. I lost all hope in this area today. There is no hope in an area where people simply refuse to acknowledge reality because it flies in the face of their deeply held religious beliefs. It is a dangerous place for someone like me. But I have exhausted all of my finances trying to get help and now am left stuck here. Things are not looking good.


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  1. Buck – I don’t agree with this persons approach or attitude to your illness at all. I understand your stance on religion and some of the freaks that hide behind it with their rubbish.
    However I can testify to this – since I turned to Christ my Lupus ( an uncureable disease) has gone into remission and I no longer need any meds.
    If you have exhausted so many avenues then all I can say is don’t underestimate the power of God.

    • Thanks Don! I find your experience with Lupus and Christ fascinating! I would like to hear/know more about that. Not needing any more meds is really something! As for turning to Jesus/not underestimating God, I don’t know how to approach that since I don’t even believe in their existence. I don’t say this to be argumentative, but rather to be honest because to say otherwise would be an outright lie. I’m off to bed now but I’d like to talk with you more about it tomorrow if you have time.


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