Corrupt Cops and Planting Evidence

cop curruption

I was planning on writing about something else today, but this story came up in my news feed and I have to say a few things about it. The first thing I want to say is that this is no surprise whatsoever… it’s something I’ve already suspected for decades. What I’m referring to here is the cops getting caught by their own body cameras planting “evidence”. How stupid do you have to be to plant evidence or do anything else so incredibly illegal, immoral, cowardly, and dishonorable when you know your actions are being recorded?! I’ve already wrote about some of my own experiences with cops throughout my life so while this doesn’t surprise me it still disgusts me. With all the scrutiny cops are under these days one would expect them to change their behavior but that would be an unrealistic expectation because you can’t change the nature of the beast. It takes a certain mindset to want to be a cop. I can’t see any way around the facts that one has to want power over others and the legality of using deadly force to obtain/impose that power. Corrupt cops. Nothing new about that, but at least their corruption, bias, racism, and murders are now being exposed. You can find the story I’m referring to here, here, and here. I usually don’t link to external sites because some of them have very strange policies regarding links but I know of no such restrictions regarding these sites so I’ll go ahead and link this time.

Corrupt Cops

My last encounter with a cop was in Texas. A place you definitely don’t want to encounter a cop under any circumstances. It wasn’t because I had done anything wrong, in fact I was the one who initiated the contact. I had just been run off the road by one vehicle and was very nearly broadsided by another. Both had pulled out in front of me and both instances happened within seconds of each other. Both were recorded by my helmet cam as well. I’m not hard to spot so the excuse “I didn’t see him” doesn’t work. My bike is very brightly colored, my armored vest is brightly colored and reflective, and my helmet is brightly colored and reflective. Anyway, I reported these drivers to a cop. My mistake. He was jumpy and nervous the entire conversation and wasn’t interested in seeing what was recorded on my helmet cam. Instead he began to interrogate me. Asking where I was going, where I had been, where was I from… on and on. I finally just told him I was going home after I stopped by a store on my way. He wanted to know which route I was taking and which store I was stopping at. I told him and left angrier than I was to begin with. So much for cops helping or being there to “serve and protect”. Their motto should be changed to “interrogate and shoot”. And no, I didn’t do anything at all to make this cop distrust me and I hadn’t been drinking and wasn’t on drugs. I’m too old for that shit anyway. So I went on my way and arrived at the store and guess what I saw… another cop there waiting for me! The first cop had radioed another cop to wait for me at the store. I just turned on my blinker to turn into the store’s parking lot and waved at the cop watching me to let him know that I saw him. After I waved he pulled onto the road and drove off and I turned into the store’s parking lot.

Listen When a Former Cop Tells You Not To Trust Cops

I should have remembered the words of a man I had known since I was a teenager and was a former cop from Texas. He told me to never, under any circumstances, trust a cop and never ask one for help. He had said that they will look for any reason to arrest you even if you are only asking for help. That you are always a suspect in their eyes because you aren’t one of them. He also told me that they plant evidence all the time because they want to make arrests, it’s what they do and it’s fun to them. This was at least 15 years ago when he told me this. I should have listened to him but I can tell you I’ll never ask another cop for help again. Ever!

On another occasion, when I actually was doing something wrong, I was arrested. The arresting officer was abusive. After he was done with me I had cuts and bruises on my head, face, and wrists. Then he left me out in the cold winter rain handcuffed as he sat in his car waiting on another unit. When my attorney demanded the tape of all that had transpired so that he could show the jury the abuse, he was told that the footage had accidentally been recorded over. Imagine that! Police brutality on camera but they “accidentally” recorded over it and it was lost forever. It did have one effect that proved to be in my favor though, I was not convicted of what I was charged with because without the footage the prosecution didn’t have anything but the word of the cop so they started offering me “deals” for various pleas. I refused them all until my attorney decided he had to have an additional $1,500 “just to walk into the courtroom with you” he said. This was on top of the already outrageous amount money I had spent to retain him and other fees. So I took a deal of not being convicted of the original charge but to a lesser charge and took probation and ridiculous fines. It’s a rigged system and not in the public’s favor.

Now that we have more and more footage coming out almost daily of cops being corrupt, murdering people, beating the hell out of people, slamming little girls to the ground and then drawing their guns on angry bystanders the evidence is clear that these are dangerous people. More worrisome is the fact that they are becoming more and more militarized. I’ve heard all the whining from people trying to defend cops regardless of their actions and none of their arguments hold water. It is clear that these people have never been abused by a cop or had a loved one shot dead for no reason by a cop. What does stun me every single time that a cop is taken to court for murder they get off completely free. Even when video footage shows that the cop or cops were in no danger whatsoever. All they have to do is get on the stand in court and say the words, “I feared for my life”, and they are free to go with a pat on the back from the judge and jury. I’ll never understand how this corruption continues unabated.


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